My name is Michael, CreativeOutlet is my website to showcase my work. I have over 10 years experience in website and graphic design for all sorts of small businesses, design agencies, individuals and corporations. I have experience with various digital technology, as well as graphic design for print and teaching/lecturing at University.

I have a few select portfolio pieces to see below, and at the bottom of the page is further information about myself. I am available for work with small to large businesses, contract and freelance work. I look forward to hearing from you.

Please note, some websites may have changed since I last worked on them.

Michael Durkin
Email: mdurks@gmail.com
Mobile: +44(0)7460 451 762

Wentworth Jewels

Boutique Jewellers Website & Branding

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Wentworth Jewels of Wilmslow Cheshire, strongly feel that each piece of jewellery is a special memory for someone, they wanted a brand and website that reflected a care and attention to detail for each special piece. This really was a bespoke website to match their bespoke goldsmith and jewellery services.

We decided that selling online was not the path to take with this website. Wentworths wanted inquiries channeled through their website to arrange appointments, allowing them to give their personal service. Each piece of jewellery was given its own "home" on the website, and wasn't presented like regular stock products on e-commerce websites where items are slotted into generic tables of products loosing individual identity. This would have been against the whole ethos of the business.

Seasonal Pamphlets and business cards were also designed supporting the brand, as well as market stand banners. I'm happy to report that Wentworth Jewels have had many inquiries and sales as a result of visitors to the site, as well as several complements to the design. The search engine optimisation has also been very successful.


Sony.com Electricals & Gaming

E-Commerce Website

For Sony, I was contracted in to work on the gaming and electrical e-commerce website. A large number of electrical items were published onto the website on a daily basis which required a quick turn around of published designs.

Corporate Brand identity had to be conformed to across all designs as well as strict technical guidelines to comply with internet and accessibility standards.


Fashion World

Womens E-Commerce Fashion Website

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Fashion World is a trading style of JD Williams & Company Limited, the UK's leading direct home shopping company, operating over 20 successful catalogue brands. Their catalogues offer a huge selection of clothing and other products for all ages and sizes. All their clothes are designed to provide the best fit at the best value, and they are specialists in the area of larger size womenswear.

Here I was responsible for creating bright, fresh designs to present the latest seasons clothing lines. I worked within a busy team of designers and content developers as part of a much larger e-commerce business. I worked within corporate style guidelines, designed and coded the webpages ready for publish.


Viva La Diva & Simply Be

Email Marketing & Womens E-Commerce Fashion Website

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Viva La Diva and Simply Be are another trading style of JD Williams & Company Limited, like Fashion World (above). Viva La Divas trading style is targeted at the designer market with a keen sense of fashion, style and design. Where as Simply Be is targeted at the 14-32 sizes range.

For these brands I worked with marketing executives around the latest media stories and gossip, capturing the hottest trends in fashion for various product lines.

Accompanying these trends were HTML email campaigns highlighting the product rages to generate revenue for the brand.


QED Creative

WordPress Blog & MYSQL integration

QED-Creative help develop new brands and re-invigorate old brands for both large and small companies. They have a great portfolio of work to show, but they were really missing a way to communicate with their visitors on a regular basis.

WordPress was chosen due to it's ease and simplicity for QED to use. It is a great match for what they need, allowing them to post images and projects of their latest work. The blog was carefully installed, with it's own MYSQL database so not to interfere with QEDs existing content management system. The blog was then branded and styled to match their website design.


Gorgeous Films

Wedding Photographers Website & Branding

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Gorgeous Films are an exclusive company of documentary film makers with over fifteen years of broadcast television experience. Their aim is to blow the cobwebs off the wedding video industry by producing high-end personal films for the 21st century.

I worked with another design agency with Gorgeous films to create a very unique design to set them apart from other competitors. An interactive wedding scene was created allowing visitors to the website to roam around the wedding room and click on various features to learn more about the company and services.


Shaolin Summer Camp

Martial Arts Event Website & Branding

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Shaolin Summer Camp is an annual event organised by The Shaolin Wahnam Institute UK, a UK martial arts organisation. Their aim is to spread high level, genuine Shaolin arts of China throughout the UK through specialised courses.

Inspired by the beautiful natural surroundings of Canterbury where the course is being held, I developed a website that reflected the vibrant vital energy the arts wished to transmit. A comprehensive amount of detailed information was presented to answer all the questions around booking, traveling, participating and accommodating people to this course.

Video footage was uploaded for viewing, allowing participants to prepare and learn course material before attending, giving them a head start for their chosen course.



I have been working in digital design for nearly fifteen years now. It all started when I got my first copy of Photoshop (version 3 I think), which fascinated me with all the ways to digitally create and manipulate images. As a child I enjoyed copying illustrations and drawing cartoons and landscape.

Web design started as a hobby, and it was a hobby website of mine that attracted commercial attention, resulting in contract work being commissioned before I'd finished my college qualifications. This was the time when the internet was a new thing and businesses were just venturing out onto the internet. All my future work has been word of mouth recommendations.

I have enjoyed working at technology houses, design agencies, e-commerce businesses, lecturing at Salford University as well as independently managing projects with my own business. I love graphic design, building systems and helping people with their challenges.

My work in digital design has rewarded me well, allowing me to travel, be challenged, meet and help new people.

key skills:

HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, WordPress, MYSQL, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator.
Confident with meeting people, listening and creating proposals and project briefs based upon their needs.
Strong presentation, lecturing, teaching and team working experience.
Used to working to tight deadlines and managing multiple projects.

Michael Durkin
Email: mdurks@gmail.com
Mobile: +44(0)7460 451 762